ITG Youth Site - A wide variety of resources, articles, tips, and much more

Trumpeter's Fanfare - A site for youth, by youth

Trumpet - Another good site with a lot to offer

The Philharmonia's Trumpet site - Articles, videos, sounds, and more. Use the menu on the left to explore - Tons of neat stuff here covering all aspects of music. Go! Explore! Enjoy!

Sound Junction's Trumpet page - When you're done you can explore the other instruments too!

Laura - Scales, warmups, articles, links and more

Fingering Chart - Because wrong notes turn your director's hair gray!

Playing Basics - Good review for players of all ages

Trumpet Warm-ups - Accept the "terms" and download - A great routine for developing players

Brass Scale Sheets - Use the "Junior" version

Tips for improving your playing - From the Texas School Music Project

ITG Youth "Ask a Teacher" - Submit questions and read others' too!

ITG Youth Masterclass - Tips from the Masters

Mouthpieces explained - Note: ALWAYS consult with your private teacher/director before switching anything!

Basic Trumpet care (video) - Keep your instrument ship-shape

How to properly clean and care for your Trumpet - Instruments shouldn't double as a science experiments!

Give your horn a bath - A great tutorial with pictures (this is a .pdf/powerpoint file)


Use a metronome while you practice / Like this one better? - Online Metronome

Practice sight reading rhythms to become a better rhythm reader -

Staying Motivated - Good advice for everyone (not just trombonists) (.pdf file)

You play a wind instrument, not a breeze instrument! - Build your breathing abilities (.pdf file)

Notes and key signatures

Name your notes -'s Note Name Trainer

Finger your fingerings -'s Brass Trainer (set Instrument/Range/etc. on the right hand side)

Speed up your note naming and fingering abilities - Music Racer

Practice naming key signatures -'s Key Signature Trainer

Learn key signatures using the Circle of Fifths - Circle of Fifths lessons


What are intervals? - Learn about intervals

Practice identifing the intervals -'s Interval Trainer


Learn how to build a major scale -'s Major Scale Tutorial


What does that word mean? - Virgina Tech's Multimedia Dictionary

Compose (write) your own music

Using the computer - Free Finale Notepad Software

Using staff paper - Print your own staff paper

Trumpet History

The History of the Trumpet - Take a guided (RealAudio file) or self-guided tour!

Trumpet History (video) - From Selmer - Alternate Link

Additional Trumpet History - Thinkquest

A short history of all the instruments - Thinkquest (usually takes awhile to load)


The Science of Music - Check out their questions, movies, and exhibits!

Watch an experimental instrument builder - Exploratorium video


Then there was trumpet - How trumpets work, the family tree, and more!

How Trumpets are made (video) - From Selmer - Alternate Link

Easy Bugle Calls (.pdf) - Useful bugle calls you can perform for scouting and military/patriotic functions

Intermediate/Advanced Bugle Calls (.pdf) - Useful bugle calls for scouting and military/patriotic functions

All about the orchestra, instruments, composers, and more! - New York Philharmonic Kids Site

Perfect Pitch - Baseball meets band and orchestra!

The Celebrity Band - Find out which famous celebrities play your instrument!

Brass players in the movies - Find out which brass players can be heard in your favorite movies

Artist and Composer Biographies - From

Music Professions - Read about some of the jobs you might enjoy

Multimedia Audio and Video

Trumpet Videos - An excellent, well organized collection hosted by David Werden

Trumpet Bloopers - Audio Collection

Trumpet Radio - Click on the "Instruments" tab then on "Trumpet Soloists" icon - Courtesy of Accu Radio

Jazz Trumpet Radio - Scroll down to "Jazz" and click on "Trumpet Jazz"

What's happening inside my mouthpiece? (video) - One word: Freakycool


Instrument Jokes - A collection of jokes for all the instruments

Dr. Duck's Music Jokes - Another collection of music jokes (Notice: This is LARGE and takes time to load)


The Vegetable Orchestra - Yes, I said the Vegetable Orchestra...

Middle School Trumpet

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The great thing about [music] is you learn by doing. You learn how to play the piano by playing the piano. -David McCullough

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